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OK, you've got your niche, domain name, hosting, website, content;   you're up and running;   now you'll need to put some ads on your website (monitize it).

In the internet marketing industry,   monetization is the buzzword used for generating revenue with your website.

In our case, we'll be generating this revenue through advertising.

Affiliate with Advertisers from Commission Junction:

  • Go to
  • Log on (using password from Step 7)
  • Click on "Get Links"
  • In the "Advertiser Categories" you'll see a few hundred catagories and a few thousand companies to choose from.
  • Click on a catagory or a sub-catagory that you think is a match for your website's niche.
  • You'll see a listing of companies (notice the "sale / lead / click" column).
  • Click on a company you find "ad-worthy" for your website.
  • A pop-up window comes up explaining that companies advertising policies.
  • Click on the "Apply To Program" button (bottom).
  • Some companies automatically accept everyone;   You'll get an immediate message.
  • Some want to see your website first;   they'll email you on your acceptance.

Once your afilliated with one or more advertisers, you can pick and choose which ads you want to put on your website.   There are a number of different types of ads to which you should become familiar with.

Size (pixels)
  (just words)
  top of a webpage
  top of a webpage
  side of a webpage
  integrated in-line with content
  side of a webpage
  side of a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  anywhere on a webpage
  pops up independent of site
  anywhere on a webpage
Placement is only a suggestion.

Note that not all companies offer every type of ad.   Most of them do offer banner and text ads.

Obtain ads from Commission Junction:

You should now be able to see the ad when viewing your website.

You can test it by simply clicking on the ad.

Sample image

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