Obtain Your Visitors Keywords with Google Analytics

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As you know, the first step in your journey to run a niche website is to choose a niche.   Once you have chosen the niche for which you’re going to write about, you’re going to have to get to know your audience. What is it that you’re audience wants?   What are their expectations when they visit your site?

When a potential visitor types some keywords into Google, they are usually trying to find the answer to a question they have or a solution to a problem they have.   It is then your job to give an answer or solution to their query.

By far, the best way to determine what the visitor is looking for is to simply look at the keywords they use in their search query.   How do you know what keywords your visitors are using?   The answer to that is rather easy;   but it will take a number of steps to accomplish.

In order to determine a visitor’s keywords, you’ll have to first obtain an account with Google.   To do that, go to the Google home page and click on the “sign in” at the upper right of the site.   Then, click on “create an account for free” on the left side of the next page.   Then, type in the required information and click “next step”.   Wow, that only took about a minute.

Once logged in, from the Google home page, click on “Business Solutions” on the bottom of the screen.   Next, click on Google Analytics and then Access Analytics. You’ll be asked for your password (the same one used at sign up).   Click the Sign Up button, enter an Account Name and enter your website’s URL and click Create account.

You will be given some information to put into your websites coding.   Don’t worry if you don’t know HTML or any other programming, they show you exactly what to code and exactly where to put it.

Then, the next time you check out Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see all the important statistics in regards to your website, including what keywords your visitors are using.

Hey, everything you needed to find your visitor’s keywords, from beginning to end, was just obtained in a few minutes.   And the best part of all – it was completely free.