Design Your Site

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Now that you've got your domain name and your website hosting, and you've connected the two of them together;   You can start to create your website.

What you won't need:

  • Any programming knowledge
  • An expensive program
  • Lots of time to devote

What you will need:

  • An editing program - free !
  • A website template - free!
  • Some creativity - free !
  • A few hours

Let's start with the editing program.

There are a number of free website editing programs out there to choose from.   I recommend Kompozer:     besides the fact that it is completely free (not Shareware where they'll want you to pay later), it is quick to download, quick and easy to install, easy to use (you don't have to spend hours to learn it first - it's user friendly.

You can download Kompozer free Here.     (I believe that is the latest version).

Once it's downloaded, it needs to be unzipped using an unzip or decompression program.

free decompression programs:

Once it's unzipped, open the folder that it unzipped into and click on "kompozer.exe" to install it.

Now let's get a free website template.   You shouldn't have any trouble finding one you like - there are literally thousands to choose from.

Websites offering free templates:

Be careful - because some websites with free templates like to mix some pay-for templates in with the free ones.