Earn More Money with Backlinks

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A backlink.   What’s a backlink?   A backlink to your website is simply a link somewhere on the internet that links to your site.   It can be in the text or it can be in an image.

When a links are in text, you can usually recognize them by their difference in color or other text formatting.   They’re generally a different color that the rest of the text.   When you move the curser over them with your mouse, they change to an even different color.

When a link is embedded in an image, it’s sometimes harder to tell that it is a link.   The image sometimes changes color or size, but usually it stays the same.   Sometimes the image will change into another image altogether.   The easiest way to tell if an image is a link is to look for that piece of script that pops up when the curser hovers over it.   But even that isn’t always the case.

Now that we have found what to do to make money, we’re going to need all the details telling us exactly how to do it.   We’ve got them for you right here and best of all they’re completely free.

Okay, back to the backlinks.

What do backlinks have to do with making money on the internet?

As you should already know, the more traffic you have coming in to your site, the higher your money making potential will be.   The absolute best way to receive incoming traffic is to rank high in the search engines.   When someone does a search on a search engine, the results are shown in order of rank.

The search engines rank your site by many things, the most important being the amount of backlinks pointing to your website.   Having a lot of backlinks is what those search engines love the most.

Needless to say, if you’ve got great content on your website, other sites will be more prone to link to it.   So great content on your website is therefore a major item to consider when it comes to backlinks.

Another great way to create backlinks to your site is to put them on other sites.   You can do this by submitting articles to sites that allow them.   Just make sure to have a link to your website in the article.

You can also go on to sites with question and answer forums.   Answer questions on topics you are well versed in and remember to embed your backlink in your answer.

The key is to build as many backlinks as you possibly can.   The more backlinks you have pointing to your website, the higher your ranking will be with the search engines.   The higher you ranking is, the closer your site will be to the top of the results.

Your goal is to be as high as possible in those results.

Remember, your competitors are also doing the same thing you are.   You’re going to have to keep creating backlinks whenever and wherever you can.

Good Luck and happy backlinking.