The Untapped Market

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Competition among internet entrepreneurs is more competitive nowadays than it’s ever been.   It seems that every topic in the web business is saturated to the point that it’s virtually impossible to compete.   For every niche your can possibly think of, there are literally thousands of others already in that market.   And there’s more jumping in every day.  

Hence, the question arises: how does one compete in a field which is already overwhelmed with cutthroat, bloodthirsty vultures?   The answer may be less difficult than you would think.

While all the other web businesses are fighting for their share of the market, you can win your share by simply going after a slice of that market which is untapped or under-tapped.

It’s like a bunch of political candidates all vying for votes from the same group of people who have always voted in previous elections.   Then a new candidate comes along and shoots for a group of people who has never voted before.   That new candidate ends up winning because he decided to go for those untapped folks who would normally not even have gone out to vote.

What this boils down to is a very simple initiative.   It is that you have got to identify potential customers that other web businesses are overlooking.   In other words, you’ve got to tap into the untapped market.

Some time ago, it was only large companies and governments that had a use for computers.   Then some brilliant guy thought that maybe the average person could also have a need for a computer for their personal use (a personal computer).   I think he ended up making a few bucks in the process.   Think about how he did it;   he marketed personal computers to a group that no other company marketed to before.   He tapped into an untapped market.